Tokenization services

Business model analysis

Token design


Legal structuring

White paper

Token initial offering and distribution

Tokenization road map


Business model analysis & token use case testing


Legal structuring, token design and tokenomics

Technology set up

Smart contracting and token deployment

Token distribution

White paper, ICO, token distribution and funding

Tokenomics advisory

We research world of DeFi and develop crypto fungible or NFT tokens applicable for real use cases. We apply tokenomics mechanisms envisioning decentralized and sharing economy as business model paradigma for 21st. century. Our tokenomics scope and pricing is designed accordingly to project stage requirements, covering:

  • • Basic Tokenomics design
  • • Full Tokenomics modeling
  • • Tokenomics review
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Tokenomics Framework

  • Business model analysis
  • Market research
  • Token utilities & features
  • Incentive design
  • Monetary policy
  • Circulation & Liquidity
  • Token sale set up
  • Governance set up
  • Token pricing
  • Treasuries

Tokenization subscripton pricing

We designed subscripton packages for asset or business tokenization in order to provide solutions for onboarding, token design or token launch!


333 x 3 months

500 x 2 months

  • Individual education “Crypto asset, tokenization & token models“
  • Consultation
  • Tokenization use case test of your company, product or services


1,250 x 6 months

2,333 x 3 months

  • Analysis of the token issuer business model
  • Industry application and use cases report
  • Tokenomics fundamentals
  • Legal & tax status
  • Consultation
  • Tokenization concept (light paper)


2,500 x 6 months

4,660 x 3 months

  • Design package included
  • Token offering legal structure
  • Token purchase/utility agreement
  • Issuer resolutions & documents
  • Compliance
  • White paper
  • • the price list is applied for issuing utility & asset reference tokens
  • • „Designer” package payments are deductable in case of switching to “Launcher” package
  • • we reserve the right to increase the offering price in the case of hybrid tokens and complex legal and economic requirements
Additional charges
  • • technological support for smart contracting, token deployment and token management service
  • • liquidity pool set up
  • • listing
  • • governance set up/DAO
  • • tokenization of financial instruments and securities
  • • custody

Industries application & token use cases

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