Why do you need legal services?



Crypto assets is new born industry similiar to the most regulated industry – financial, therefore it is of crucial importance to be properly compliant.

Regulatory and tax status

If you are planning to issue a token or to tokenize business, first step is proper token modeling according to regulatory token classification and tax treatmen suitable for your business goals.

Investors protection

Whether rasing capital or tokenizing services or asset it is of paramont importance to make structure and mechanism in order to protect investors & token holder interests and rights.

Juridistiction We cover: EU, Switzerland & Serbia

In the myrads of crypto challenges legal structure and jurisdiction are the first one to tackle! Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MICA) opens up new opportunities for companies aiming to issue and invest in crypto asset. In the same time DLT Pilot Regime and MiFID 2 allows the tokenization of securities and financial instruments. Besides EU, two jurisdictions in Europe which every crypto project should consider are Switzerland with their Blockchain Act and Serbia with its Crypto Assets Law, both enabling friendly conditions for tokenization. Having all potential regulatory pitfalls and challenges it is of crucial importance to navigate through all the complexities of the legal world and use them for your advantage.

Crypto legal service

Legal opinions & solutions

Token qualification, governance, CASP, taxation

Structuring & issuance

Public/private placement structuring and offering set up


We help you tick with KYC, AML, GDPR and all other regulatory conditions in order to safely issue your token.

Legal solutions

White Paper

Detailed investor documents covering tokenomics, legal & technical issues

Token agreements & resolutions

Drafting TSA, SAFT, SAFE and company resolutions

Regulatory approvals & registration

White paper approvals, CASP licencing, SPV incorporations and registrations

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